A Girls Guide to Writing Male Characters

I feel like the most common thing female writers do is turn their male character into their ideal guy.

He’s either cute with just the right amount of funny, or he’s dark and mysterious on the outside but a big teddy bear on the inside.

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Of course, your man depends on your story. But there are some traits to keep in mind while writing any kind of male character.

1. Guy’s don’t focus on detail

I HATE it when male characters are overly descriptive! When writing in a guy’s POV, I find it best to focus very little on descriptions, because unlike girls, guys aren’t going to take a mental note about the new girl’s eye color or the highlights in her hair.

2. They’re more direct

Guys don’t normally beat around the bush or say something when they really mean something completely different.

What they say is what they mean.

3. Soft is ok, but don’t go overboard

I like male characters who show more feelings and don’t act like they have the same amount of emotion as a rock … but there is such a thing as too much.

You got to remember that guys don’t like to appear emotionally vulnerable but they’re not heartless dorks.

That is another thing I see a lot.

4. No one’s perfect.

You should be careful about making him too good looking. I mean, of course, guys can’t help it if they are attractive, but Please, unless it is important to the story, do not make him so incredibly hot.

Physical flaws are really good for readers, especially since now you have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. This is an important thing to keep in mind when creating female characters as well.

5. Learn from life. 

I strongly suggest learning from real life, that’s what I did and I can already see an improvement in my male characters.


I really hope this helps!


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