Tales from work vol.2 On hold and all I brought for lunch was a candy bar

On hold

When I applied for the job I called to set up an appointment in which I would go in and they would record a few things and show me around the equipment. So I called and they put me on hold. Now, remember I work at a radio station and their “hold music” is linked to what ever is playing that moment. So to my luck, what was playing was actually a comedy program. So I’m trying to stifle my laughter so I’m not hysterically laughing when they pick up the phone! 


All I brought for lunch was a candy bar

Teenagers are known for making bad decisions. Take my lunch break, for example… Technically it isn’t exactly my “lunch” break because I eat lunch before work and my break is at four-thirty.

But anyway, I was running low on time and cash so I tossed a candy bar in my bag and left. Everything ended up being fine and the candy bar was delicious, but I have decided never do that again. 

brown chocolate bar on multicolored surface

Thanks a Bunch!

— Nerd

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