Does your font affect your writing?

I have heard tons of writers swear by writing in a white font. I also heard someone say once that they believe writing in a font such as comic sans improves creativity. Well, I’m about to put those to the test.

Comic sans

First thoughts: I am really impressed by how well this worked. I don’t know why but this font seemed really easy and fun to write with, and half the time I didn’t even notice I was writing in a different font. As far as creativity levels go I think I would give it a eight out of ten.

Ok, um… WOW!!! I think this font has turned me into some kind of super writer! I have been using this font for a few weeks as I work on my most recent project and I can’t believe the difference it’s made! I’m writing faster, I’m more creative, I LOVE IT!!! I will definitely be using this more in the future!

White Font

First thoughts: I’m not a huge fan of this. It’s a lot harder to write and not nearly as quick paced as when using the comic sans.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really give this much of a chance. After the second or third time using this I decided it really isn’t for me. It’s weird not knowing where you’re at, how much words you’ve written, and weather or not you put a space in between those last two words.

Though I can see how some people might like it. Since you can’t see what you just wrote you’re not tempted to reread or rewrite. The only thing you can focus of it the next sentence.

So, does your font affect your writing? Absolutely! Some fonts can make it harder for you to focus, some can add more pressure, and some can make your writing time easier and more productive. Experiment with your fonts and tell me in the comments what you fond works best for you!

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd

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