Blogmas Day Two: All I want for Christmas…

Heidi ho readers! It is day two of Blogmas and if you ask me, it’s the perfect time to talk about my Christmas wish list.

  • Journey Vinyl Record

I fond this a Target and I want it so bad!!! Journey is awesome. If I don’t get this for Christmas I think I’ll buy it for myself anyways.

  • Tolkien Hoodie

I was on Etsy looking for potential gifts when I came across this olive green hoddie with the Tolkien symbol printed on it. This item is on the top of my list.

  • Slippers

I ask for slippers ever year. They start to fall apart or loose their comfiness around June, and they cost so much so I hate having to buy them.

  • A Robe

My dream robe would be a long red silky robe, or a red and white robe like Annie’s from ‘the Birds.’

Image result for the birds movie annie | The birds movie, Movies, Image
  • Ring light

I would love a ring light so I can take more and better pictures for my blog.

  • More records

You can never have too many, right? I have 14.

  • Shoes

Boots, flats, heels, sneakers. I want it all. I really want theses brown boots I found, and some red or chunky sneakers.

  • Books

I’m not too picky, but I really want the novelization of the phantom menace.

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I typically like to be surprised, but theses are a few things I am asking for. What’s on the top of your Christmas list this year? Do you like to be surprised or do you like to pick your own gifts?

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd

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